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How to Improve Posture & Relieve Back Pain with SpinaliS Chairs
SpinaliS Canada

How to Improve Posture & Relieve Back Pain with SpinaliS Chairs

Stay fit and healthy with SpinaliS Canada chairs: The average person spends around 13 hours a day sitting! That's 30 years of your life! To put that into perspective that's more time we spend on both driving and sleeping combined. I mean you wouldn't drive one of these and you wouldn't sleep on this; so, why are so many of us still sitting on this? Well, sitting for a prolonged time periods incorrectly can lead you to the variety of issues for you and your back including: - back pain - slipped discs - weak core muscles - scoliosis That doesn't sound like fun especially since your back has been pretty good to you in the past. So why shouldn't you show some love in return. Welcome to the sitting into the 21st century! This is the SpinaliS Spider Series chair: Built from the ground up to work with your body and everything you do through the day combining the health benefits and comfort to treat your back in the way it deserves. Besides from providing a comfortable experience SpinaliS helps to prevent those nagging issues caused by prolonged sitting. The average North American with neck and back pain will spend up to 2500 dollars a year on treatment. Those occasional massage visits can really add up. Now I know what you are thinking. There are lots of options out there that can help with back problems than just one type of chair. Sure! Most probably you have seen some folks use this thing here. Sure it engages core and improves your posture, but doctors do not recommend that you sit on it for more that 2 hours in a day. Also, you are sitting on a ball. Standing desks are also an option, but they do not really allow you to focus in on your work keeping almost cat like state of physical readiness ... almost! An ergonomic office chair is the most popular choice, but as long as it has a fixed seat your body will find the ways to make it not so ergonomic including reducing circulation in your legs. But unique movable seat in all SpinaliS chairs follows your body to ensure that you sit comfortably and healthy throughout the long day improving your posture, relieving stress on discs, relaxing neck muscles, strengthening core and back muscles, and remaining safe for the long term use. SpinaliS has over 100,000 satisfied customers world wide and that's not even including the little ones. So what do you say? Is SpinaliS the right choice for you? I guess that's settles it! SpinaliS Canada ph: 1 778 989 0637 Unique Chairs for Healthy Back and Great Posture - FREE SHIPPING in Canada
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