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FURNACE / AIR DUCT / DRYER VENT CLEANING |  Black Bear Carpet Cleaning Ltd.
Petr Basel

FURNACE / AIR DUCT / DRYER VENT CLEANING | Black Bear Carpet Cleaning Ltd.

Serving Whistler / Squamish / Pemberton / Sea to Sky Corridor The air quality inside our homes is approximately 3 times worse than the air outdoors. Most people spend 70% of their time indoors and air quality is a major factor to consider for your family’s health and safety. For example; an average 1000sf house collects up to 40 pounds of dust, dirt, and allergens. All of these particles will begin to circulate throughout your home anytime you turn on the ventilation system. Having your ducts cleaned will ensure your family is living in a healthier home. This is why we have invested in the newest technologies on the market. Our powerful equipment can clean even the largest HVAC systems and will provide our clients with quality results. CLEANING PROCESS Once your ductwork has been inspected by one of our technicians, and they have assessed the need for cleaning, we will clean your entire HVAC system. We remove and clean all registers, clean supply and return ducts, main trunk, air handler and other accessible components. No part of your system is overlooked. After a full system cleaning, the ductwork is disinfected using an anti-microbial treatment that is fogged into your system. WHY In addition to improving your home’s air quality, you may also want to consider the cost-efficiency of running a poor functioning HVAC system. Imagine that your air ducts are the lungs of your home. When your lungs don’t function properly, it makes your body work much harder and you need to use more energy in order to breathe. Air ducts work in the same way – as soon as they’re full of dirt, your HVAC system has to work much harder, burning more energy and costing you more money. We can also clean your dryer vent to increase the efficiency of your dryer and prevent home fires. HOW OFTEN We recommend a professional inspection of your whole HVAC system once every two years to ensure your ducts function properly and that your indoor air quality is healthy and safe for your family. Inspections are free of charge and it is totally up to our clients to decide if or when they would like to go ahead with the cleaning. Book your cleaning today:
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